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1001 or Seribu Satu or Thousand and One
(Hayam Wuruk, next to Stadium)
Classy, huge “one-stop entertainment nightclub”, but not so crowded. The music is Techno Kota.
2nd Floor
High school bar, really cheap. Music was Top 40.
Absolut Cafe
(Jalan Jaksa)
One of the only bar in Jaksa with air-con. Lots of English teachers and journalists. Free pool table, darts, cheap beer, Premier League Soccer games on screen and always quite crowded by the same group of people. Nice.
Alexis Hotel
(Ancol, Jl. R. E. Martadinata No. 1 North Jakarta)
It’s not really an hotel, it’s more like a bordello. You’ve got a good club downstairs, The Play, with house/progressive music and sexy dancers, and a very select lounge/spa on the seventh floor, the Bathhouse, with girls from countries as far as Uzbekistan, Myanmar or Russia coming to entertain the patrons. Entrance fee for the Bathhouse lounge is Rp. 120,000, and no drinks included. Also a karaoke (I forgot the name), very nice, with flat screen TV and audio equipment suitable for outdoor concerts. Goddam expensive though, about Rp 3.5 million for 4 people.
Ali’s Bar
(Jalan Jaksa)
Bar of the african community in Jakarta .
(Club Rasuna, near Pasar Festival, Jl Rasuna Said)
The bar caters to the expats living in Taman Rasuna. Always quite crowded, good food. English Premier League Football games and Fashion TV on one of the dozen plasma screen. Popular hang-out for Indonesian girls as well. You guessed why.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Asmoro (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Jl Blora)
The most famous dangdut bar in Jakarta. Interesting if you want to experience something different in Jakarta. A bit dodgy and not so dangerous, just a few hundred meters from Plaza Indonesia.
“The first time you hate it because you don’t understand it. The 3rd, the place is yours and you are the queen of the dancefloor, requesting ‘kucing garong’.”
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Kota, near the canal)
Surrealistic club in Kota, on the border of the canal. Loud Music, very dark and apart from the waiters and the usual working girls, no customers.
(Jalan Kemang Raya No.8 3rd Floor )
New “luxury” club in Kemang. Im not really a fan of the clubs in Kemang as you might have guessed. The crowd is too young, and the music played is the same everywhere. The clubs’ lifetime in the area is about 6 month, then they’re not hip anymore, then they re-open later with a different name… Boring…
(Hotel Shangri-La)
Very, very popular bar among expatriates. Easy to know why, counting the number of pretty girls. Live band, imported from Quebec the more often and playing Top 40 songs. A bit annoying because it’s hard to talk and hard to find a place to seat. The entrance fee is quite expensive, around Rp. 80,000, but they will serve you a very large beer. Good to go on Sunday or Monday because it is one of the few places still crowded. Very tasty steaks at the restaurant.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Plaza Menteng, Jl Cokroaminoto)
Popular with european expats and the alternative crowd. Reggae/blues concerts. Tony Q plays on Friday nights, bringing along a large crowd of fans.
“Laid-back atmosphere, different from the rest of Jakarta’s bars”.
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Bengkel Night Club
Techno club, good sound system. One their website they consider themselves as the biggest nightclub in the world, with 15,000 people capacity.
(Icon Commercial Building 4th fl Jl Kemang Raya 15)
Club that looks like all Kemang’s club, except they have kind of small beds, very cozy to have a drink and relax. Haunt of the high-school kids.
Betawi Cafe
(Jalan Jaksa)
Cafe popular with both expats and Indonesians. On Saturday nights, good live band, rock or reggae. It was used as a setting during the shooting of the sinetron Jalan Jaksa.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Beverly Hills
It might be a club where they might have strippers and it might be owned by the same guy who owns the Stadium.
Beyond Lounge
(Jl Iskandarsya, in front of Pasaraya Grande)
Lounge/club with house music.
BFC Cafe
(Jalan Jaksa)
Outdoor cafe/bar in Jalan Jaksa, the street where you can find cheap hotels in Jakarta, with live music sometimes. Nice to drink a beer and talk to backpackers.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Bin’s Club
(Lokasari Plaza)
Funny karaoke, but it has nothing really special compared to other Karaoke in Lokasari. Usual girls and private rooms upstairs.

Black Canyon
(Dharmawangsa square)
Quite popular salsa nights on Saturday nights. Otherwise, it’s a regular bar. Doesn’t sell alcohol except beer.
Black Cat
(Senayan Arcadia)
Classy jazz Bar with very good live performances. The seats are not so comfortable though and it’s a bit too dark. Quite romantic.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Wisma Mulia, Gatot Subroto)
The most popular club among the Jakarta elite. Lots of Chinese, lots of money. You don’t really go to Blowfish to have fun, but rather to be seen. The music is good though, usually Rnb. Dubfire, one of the two Deep Dish, will play there on Dec 12th.
Blue Print
(Twin Plaza Hotel, Jalan S. Parman)
Club located on top of Twin Plaza, near Taman Anggrek. Nice view, nice sofa but a bit old. Doesn’t seem to attract many customers apart from the Hotel client and a few working girls.
Bliss-Loft 25
(Menara Jamsostek, Gatot Subroto)
2 rooms, one with hip-hop and Rn’B music, the other one with house music. Very young crowd (16-20) but can be nice sometimes because young kids know how to party. Too many people throwing up though. Nice view on Jakarta by night.
(Taman Ria Senayan)
Very popular expat bar. Cute waitresses that usually end up married a customer. Live music and good atmosphere… It’s a good place to meet new people if you’re are new in Jakarta.
(Classic Hotel, Jl. K.H. Samanhudi 43-45, Pasar Baru)
Cf. Classic Club (below).
(Hyatt Hotel)
Expensive drinks, but classy bar with live jazz music and businessmen.
Cafe Queen
(Jl Halimun)
Very local dangdut bar, the place is quite dodgy and can become really hot since it has no air-con. The entrance is a bit hidden, just a small door on a small street next to the Cafe Queen warung.
“When you’re bored of the loud head-banging music, you can relax eating apples or drinking es campur on the terrace, or call your friends from the wartel upstairs”.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Mega Kuningan)
Expat bar, good for watching a football game. Free wi-fi.

 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Dharmawangsa Square)
Good disco, though the crowd is a bit too young. Some good DJs. Gay nights on Sundays. One of Jakarta’s most popular nightclub.

“Magic podium!”.
(Tower BNI)
Bars located in Jakarta’s highest tower. Live jazz band and really nice view. Perfect for a date.
(Hotel Mulia)
Hotel bar, therefore lots of girls and foreigners. Live music and high prices. The bar underwent renovation, and became a bit more classy than it used too. Kind of Red Square-esque I think.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Classic Club (or Bunker)
(Classic Hotel, Jl. K.H. Samanhudi 43-45, Pasar Baru)
Hearing of a club named “the Bunker”… enough to arouse my curiosity. It took me two months of investigations to find it. The bar is a whorehouse, a bit like Malioboro, with strippers (a lot of Russians and Uzbek). The patrons are mostly indonesians in their 30s or 40s, so the music is not the hippest you will hear in Jakarta.
Bar, lounge, billiard and dancefloor available. Place full of girls from everywhere in the world. Big and strange sculpture.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Club 36
(Jalan Labu, Hotel Jayakarta)
Nice small club, with house music and RnB. Topless Thai and Chinese dancers. Popular with the Chinese community. Always crowded.

 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Club Bulgary
(Jalan Hayam Wuruk, 72)
Opened at the beginning of November 2007, this club is 100% chinese. The lounge is quite small and doesn’t have a dancefloor. It looks like an old fashion cabaret, with baroque paintings on the walls, small marble statues, and an elegant red carpet. There is a live band during the week, singing Mandarin favourites. During the break, some (not so) sexy dancers entertain the guests. According to management, they go topless on week-ends. House music, the exact same as in Sun City. A bit pricey : 42,000 Rp. for 1 Bali Hai (no Bintang). The crowd is a bit old, mostly men above their forties, coming with their cumare or taking a girl from the bencong mamasan..
Comedy Café
(Pasar Festival)
A gay and lesbian bar. They have live shows, which can be quite funny because it’s really non-pretentious. The deco is quite original, and everything is done by the waiters to make you feel welcome, including inviting you on stage and laughing with you. A good address to try at least once, preferably on week-ends. There is another Comedy Cafe in KTS, Sudirman as wel.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
“Enjoy the folklore of an out-of-norm bar eating a meat-free cheeseburger”.
De Leila
(Gatot Subroto)
“Arab bar. Many waiters getting bored, arab music with girls and rich middle-easterners dancing. Billard and Le Tour de France on TV. Surprising”.
De Tao
(Jalan Kebon Sirih, near Jalan Jaksa and Sabang)
Restaurant/Lounge/Bar: Not so crowded, but the design is nice, and it holds one of the best podium in Jakarta.
(Behind Mall Lindeteves, Jl Labu)
Karaoke and bar with topless dancers. Bordello. The elevator to go there is scary, with the wires all over the place and a pole right in the middle.
Dizzy Lounge
(Jalan Kemang Raya)
Kemang club – Some good DJs sometimes but nothing really special. Might be closed
Domares Pub
(Jalan Wahid Hasyim)
It’s not very good… same as Sing Sing So
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Menara Jamsostek)
Just underwent some renovations. It is much bigger than the old one, but there is almost no dancefloor. Good music, good crowd, but pricey. Except to pay 60 to 80 thousand rupiah for a drink .Good on wednesdays. They have international DJs quite frequently, and not the worst: David Guetta, Dubfire, Steve Angello and Ingrosso to name a few. It is quite similar to Blowfish, owned by the same guy anyway, but there aren’t so many Chinese people and they play less RnB stuff.
(Mangga Besar)
Another crazy Techno Kota place in Kota. Empty.
(Blok M)
Bar with a secret room where girls do strip-tease for 100,000rp. They have wet shirt competition. Maybe the most trashy place in the Blok.
Inside DS’s secret room
Dyna Pub (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Near Ibis Tamarin, Jalan Wahid Hasiym)
Very, very kitschy bar, near Jalan Jaksa. The deco is made of postcards from old Batavia, posters of naked women, wayang puppets… Music: Ask the owner whatever you like.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Eastern Promise
Friendly, laid-back expat pub with blues/jazz live bands on Wednesday in the nice semi-outdoor “beer” garden. Pool, darts, free wi-fi, newspapers and books available. The restaurant also serves good value British and Indian food. Owned by Bartele.
Embassy/Balcony/Wonderbar (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Taman Ria Senayan)
Good club, with house/techno music and international DJs coming at least once a month. Expensive. Next DJs coming: Peter Kruder (23 Nov), Booka Shade (7 Dec). The Balcony, the club upstairs, is semi-private but is not really worth paying for it in my opinion, except to show off.
“This high class crowded house club upstairs (Embassy) has his stairs down to the hell (Wonderbar), a dark empty kind-0f gloomy bar. A good example of the two faces of Jakarta”.
Embassy 21st
(Jalan Wahid Asyim)
Very popular with Indonesians in their 40s, they have live music (old indonesian favourites and dangdut).
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Emerald in Hotel G2
(Hayam Wuruk next to Stadium)
Club next to Stadium. The disco is on the 4th floor. After it closes, some people finish there until the ecstasy drops, since the music is exactly the same. Not a very big dancefloor, but many tables. Nice actually but not so crowded. It has posters of Jim Morrison or the Gun’s and Roses, a bit surprising. It also has an hotel where you can take your date from Stadium…

(Jl Pecenongan)
Nasty place… but it’s not a place to go have a drink but rather a massage parlour. They have girls from Thailand, Uzbekistan, China.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Ascott Hotel)
Confortable bar, very cute waitresses. Good deco. A bit empty though. Many PR in the bar, that is girls supposed to entertain the client (the male client).
(Blok M)
Friendly bar to grab a beer in Blok M. No working girls.
“The owner is nice and will do all for your pleasure. For example, he will let you access to the DJ room to plan yourself the music.”
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Mangga Besar Raya)
Ugly, dirty place, with Techno Kota and lots of girls.

Fashion Bar
(EX, next to Plaza Indonesia)
Expensive bar and not so-good everything, only for those who don’t have Fashion TV at home.
(Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, Jl Thamrin)
The irish-est bar in Jakarta, if not the only. It’s mostly for older expats seeking a quiet place.
Forbidden City
Lounge in Kemang, has gay and classic disco nights on Wednesdays. Comfortable mattresses and nice design.
(Jl Mas Mansyur, near Menara Batavia, and in front of Hotel Le Meridien)
Disco/bar always empty. The massage parlour attracts many people though. One of the high class massage parlour in Central Jakarta.
(Plaza Semanggi, one floor below Inul Vista Karaoke)
Pool bar, with friendly waitresses that will play with you and encourage you to drink.
Golden Crown
(Glodok Plaza)
Most popular disco in Kota these days for many Indonesians. There is one huge Techno Kota room and one lounge with live music and house/progressive DJ. Only serves Anker beer. Very mixed crowd, making it an interesting place to go: rich Chinese, Indian, middle class indos, some bules…. One of the few “safe” place to go in Kota if you don’t know the city.
Grand Manhattan
(Hotel Borobudur)
The bar in the Hotel Borobudur. It’s mostly a place with Indonesian people. The live band will play a mix of international and local songs. I find it a bit dark.
“Has a good live band on Friday evening and a very friendly atmosphere, mix of chinese, hotel customers, Indonesians and expats. Sometimes empty, sometimes full. Bar as surprising as unpredictable”.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Hard Rock Cafe
(EX, near Plaza Indonesia)
“Hard Rock Cafe is not really in Plaza Indonesia but in the X center next door. But now I see my list also shows Plaza Indonesia. I used to go to HR when it was over the road in the Sarinah Thamrin Building and it was pretty good for a while back then in the early 90s, sometimes with excellent live music. I once saw BB King, with a table right at the front a few metres from the big man.” Comment from Rak, from

Hailai International Executive Club
The biggest disco in Jakarta, unfortunately playing Techno Kota and quite dodgy. Very strange opening hours, it seems to be closed most of the time.
Happy Karaoke
(Pasar Rumput)
“Strange karaoke, with 3 rooms in the middle of the market. Bad smell, hard fo find the DVDs with the music you like. Voted worst karaoke in Jakarta, but so funny… Opened only during the day.”
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Haze Karaoke
(Lokasari Plaza)
The only Karaoke open 24/7 in Kota. It sucks, the sound system is a disaster and they will try to overcharge you. But still, it is a good address to know if you want to find a place to crash after all discos are closed on Monday morning.

(Dharmawangsa Square)
The most popular gay club in Jakarta. House/progressive music. Entrance fee around Rp. 50,000. Many foreigners. If you are gay, it’s one of the only place you can go to in Jakarta, with Centro and Forbidden Citi. Some clubs in Kota have a large gay crowd but they aren’t safe in my opinion if you are alone (Moonlight club or Stadium).
Hot Pant
(Daan Mogot)
Techno Kota. A girlie and ugly club
(Holel Menteng, Jalan R.P. Soeroso, Menteng)
Dangdut bar…
“Deco is OK outside with a strange balcony, tables under umbrella, breathing the polluted air of a big street. The inside is quite surprising, as a basic dangdut club”.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Jalan Tebet
(Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam)
An animated convivial street in Tebet. A lot of nice fast food restaurants. Good music. Young and relax atmosphere. Chicha on the pavement: Excellent and cheap.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Jalan Kunir 7, near Stasiun Kota)
A very good place but unfortunately often empty. Good house music and techno in the 2 rooms, Ibiza and Colisseum. The Colisseum is a really huge, impressive room, that looks just like… well, the Colisseum. No so many girls for a Kota nightclub, I think it’s an exception.
They have international DJs once in a while: Armin Van Buuren, Christopher Lawrence…
A good adress to know for those who like Kota. Be careful though when you are outside the club: There seems to me a Taxi mafia that will force you to pay ridiculously high price for a ride. I think the best thing to do to avoid them is to walk a little and try to grab a blue bird or express cab. Or to order one and wait in the lounge.
Kama Sutra
(Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jalan Sudirman)
New bar replacing the Retro Disco, opened on December 1st. I don’t think they changed anything compared to old Retro, except they removed the podium, which was really fun… when leaving the club, it’s the kind of place you go once.
KSC 17 (Kelinci & Scorpion Karaoke and Dangdut)
(Jalan Garuda 17, near Golden Boutique Hotel, Jakarta Pusat)
Maybe one of the worst place I’ve been in Jakarta and in my entire life. You definitely have to check the pictures. It is dirty, gloomy and so cheap!
“A wonderfull low-class dangdut-disco-karaoke. The place is under renovation but it is still opened during the maintenance. Enjoy a warm Anker while listening to bad dangdut in an enormous empty room with no aircon.”
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(The Sultan Hotel, ex-Hilton, Jalan Sudirman)
Nice classy bar, popular with businessman. Expect to pay Hilton prices, for Indonesia of course…
La Forca
(Setiabudi Food Court, Jl Rasuna Said)
Pool Bar with very loud music. Live band sometimes, and cute waitresses.
Lone Star
(Jl Blora)
“Dangdut place next to Asmoro, and exactly the same kind of bar, except it is less crowded and less famous”.
Mad Dogs
(Cilandak Commercial Estate)
Oh la la… Cilandak !! This is very far for us… but I’ve heard it’s a friendly place, with good food, pool table, beer garden and sports on TV. Very functional then, very not-french.
Magnum (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Mall Bellagio, Mega Kuningan)
Wine bar, very relaxing and upmarket. Very good selection of wine and cigars. You should go there for having a nice evening starter as its well located and the music is not so loud. It’s small though so be sure to be there early to have a place to sit.
Maha Bar
(Hayam Wuruk)
Massage bar. Therefore not really a bar. Exactly the same as Tin Tin. It’s on one of the street parallel to Stadium.
Manggarai Railroad
(Jalan Latu Harhari, in front of Setiabudi water pump)
Open-air Toko Disko located on Manggarai Railroad and playing Techno Kota, 15 meters from the bencong. It’s a bit muddy if you want to dance, especially during rainy season. Sitting on stools, young girls selling sexual favors for less than Rp. 50,000. Very, very gloomy.
Malioboro Executive Club and Spa
(200 meters before Millenium Disco on Jalan Gadjah Mada)
“Oh my god!! The place is hot!!” The place is owned by the guy (a General in the Indonesian army if the legend is true) who owns Stadium. It means there is no rules that apply once you’re inside if you have the money. There are girls litterally everywhere in this place, half naked usually, some stripping, and lots of clients too. I did saw a few foreigners there. It’s a massage place but the bar can be nice also, with striptease and loud music.
M Bar
(Blok M)
New bar that replaces Fonta. It has everything a bar in Blok M should have, except the customers for now.
Memories Cafe (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Jalan Jaksa)
The most popular bar in Jalan Jaksa. It has a live music band almost every night, playing a mix of favorite indonesian pop song and classic Top 40. The drinks, especially beer is really cheap, around Rp. 18,000/bottle, so you will meet many backpackers, english teachers and mid-class indonesians. Lots of gays and “professional girlfriends”, hoping to meet a boyfriend among the travellers.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
“I had great nights there, but it’s deadly boring most of the times. You meet so many strange people it’s kind of feels like being at a freak show there” TO

Melawai Hotel
(Blok M)
Famous for its 6th floor. Not sure it’s even a bar. Some reports that a guy spent a whole week in it, without seeing daylight.
(Mall Gadja Madah)
Very big disco, with extremely loud Techno Kota. The sound system used to be the loudest in Asia. It’s probably still true. Lots of Chinese, drugs and girls there, but it isn’t so dodgy or dangerous. Same owner as 1001, Mille’s and Hotel Batavia.
Mille’s International Executive Club (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Lokasari Plaza, 8th Floor)
Almost always open, there are two rooms. One huge with Techno Kota and one smaller, more intimate, with very good house music. Most people go there after stadium so it reallys starts early in the morning. The second most popular Kota club after Stadium I think.
Mille’s at 3AM on Sunday afternoon…
 Nightclubs in Jakarta

Mistere (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan)
Bar of the Ritz-Carlton. Salsa on Tuesday and Friday night. And with a second room with good live music for Jakarta standards. High prices. ML Disco (or Moonlight/Moonlite Disko)
(Hayam Wuruk)
The gay club in Kota. Dangerous, dark, damn hot and scary. Reports indicates they bought one unit A/C about a month ago to replace the fans. I recommend you to go there with somebody and to keep an eye on your glass at all time. There are very few foreigners so expect to receive a lot of attention.
Monggo Mas
(Hayam Wuruk)
One of the worst club in Jakarta. Completely dark, aggressive, loud Techno Kota, drugs aplenty and girls everywhere. You have to try it once.
(Hotel Borobudur)
Disco under renovation. Used to be one of the only club opened during Ramadhan
My Bar
(Blok M)
Girls bar with house/Rnb music. 10 girls for 1 guy ratio. Gloomy. Come there late and drunk if you want to have fun.
“Broken mirrors on the dance floor”.
mybar dancing 01 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Neo Martini Lounge & Bar
(New Menara Standard Chartered, 2nd Floor, Jl Prof. Dr. Satrio)
Ex-Black Pearl Martini Lounge and Bar, Neo is the latest addition in Jakarta’s nightlife scene. Aimed at young expats.
New China
Popular bar with house/progressive music. Rp 60,000 entrance fee on week ends. Open till late (5am). Always quite crowded with university students.
New REM Maestro Dangdut
(Ancol, near Alexis Hotel)
“Another Dangdut bar in Ancol, a good way to escape the high class atmosphere of the Alexis when your are bored of it. Dance free in the middle of nowhere”.
New Stardust
(Last floor, in Sarinah Mall)
Funny club, the shittiest in central Jakarta. Large room with house music/Techno Kota. The pool bar is very old but OK because very quiet and cheap. Good view on the city.
Nine Muses
(on the way to Kemang)
Nice bar/restaurant, with some Live Jazz Band sometimes. Lots of gays and lesbians.
NR Live Dangdut
(Hotel Melati, Hayam Wuruk)
Dangdut bar in Hotel Melati. The ugliest bar I’ve ever done so far in Jakarta, by far. Seems like they started to renovate the place but stopped. Big rats in the entrance, toilets overflooded, dim lighting, … it can be scaring!!
“Dirty hotel, dirty toilets, strange decoration… Has to be tried at least once !”
Nuansa Permai
(Jl Labu)
Bordello/massage parlour, but also a venue for local dangdut band. Very local.
“The owner of this old and strange bar will encourage you to sing, clapping his hands, in order to make you stay longer”.
Nusabunga Cafe
(Jalan Wahid Hasyim)
4 walls, a cement floor and a ceiling: That’s the less hip bar of Jakarta. The soft opening on March 92 brought local dangdut star Rhoma Irama for a 30 minutes set.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Oishisha Lounge
Lounge bar, house/progressive music, cheap drinks and no entrance fee.

One Tree Bar
(Blok M)
Knowing that it belongs to the same owner as Bugils and Cazbar.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Jalan Cikini Raya)
Japanese karaoke owned by a mafia-like chinese guy. Try to avoid him.

Pasar Manggis
(Jalan Guntur)
Inside Pasar Manggis, you can find some little cafes, each with a loud sound system, a few tables, a fridge and some working girls. The patrons are mostly small income indonesians: My ojek driver goes there for instance. A very interesting place to discover if you are a bit adventurous.
“It’s a market during the day, and it becomes a very weird place at dusk, with girls and Techno Kota or dangdut played loudly in small cafes improvised in the middle of the unsold fruits of the day”.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Pharaoh Pub and Karaoke
(Hotel Acacia, Jl. Kramat Raya)
(Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Jalan Thamrin)
Hotel bar. Nice live band on week-ends, mixed indonesian/bule crowd.
Public (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Taman Ria Senayan)
Well located club, near a small pond with quite many young/rich people and good house music. No entrance fee. If you don’t mind the smell and the hot air, you can sit outside and talk because the music is not so loud there.
(Menaria Imperium, Jalan Rasuna Said)
One of Jakarta’s newest club. It can be a nice lounge, but for a club it’s a bit weird since the ground is rotating 360 degres on itself. Nice place, high prices. Better for having a drink or dinner than clubbing.
Raja Mas or Rajamas
(Jalan Hayam Wuruk, near Golden Crown Club)
Once a shitty kota disco, the place has just been renovated and I believe it’s now the most classy Techno Kota Disco in Jakarta, before Millenium, 1001 or Golden Crown. Very loud, there are 4 5-meters high speakers that will make you feel high even if you only had coffee. They are having special guests for their soft opening on the month of November : Agnes Monica (15th), Kerispatih (17th), Samsons (22nd), Radja (29th). Also has all the usual stuff for a one-stop-entertainment, including spa, karaoke, restaurant, etc… Beware because from the outside, the club looks terrible, but it isn’t as bad inside.
Rasa Sayang
(Jalan Labu)
Small girlie club, with house music/dangdut/Techno Kota. Cheap drinks.
Red Square (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Senayan Arcadia)
The most popular expat bar in Jakarta, it actually really sucks on Friday and Saturday because it’s way too crowded. Best time to go there would have to be on Thursday night, when they have sexy dancers, pumping house music, people dancing on the tables and shows by the bartenders.
Best night spot in Jakarta if you’re single male. Some girls (more and more actually) but most girls aren’t.
“Splurge : THE sexy waitress dancing on the table”.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Rich Club
(Permata Hijau Mall)
High class/Semi-private club with striptease/dancers.
Romance Cafe
(Jalan Jaksa)
Very small, intimate bar with lots of english teacher and other weirdos. One of the only bars in Jaksa with Air-con (with Absolut Bar). Cheap.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Mangga Besar)
Trashy Techno Kota club in a dirty street of Mangga Besar. Be careful, the neon in the entrance is broken so the only sign you can read is ” S.f..i”. Most scary club in Jakarta according to drinking pal VL, but I beg to differ: Pasar Manggis or Manggarai is much worse.

Sands Executif Club
(Mangga Dua)
Big dark, loud disco near Novotel Hotel. Plays Techno Kota or live music. Has special “Funky House” parties on Sunday afternoon. Sexy dancers, apparently from China. It also has a spa and karaoke, opened until 2am.
Segarra (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Ancol, Pantai Carnival)
Cool cafe, very relaxing on Sundays evening.
segarra ancol Nightclubs in Jakarta
Sing Sing So
(Jl. Wahid Hasim, next to Ibis Tamarin)
In a little strip on Jl Wahid Hasim, there are 4 or 5 bars with local bands singing old indonesian favorite. Funny. Sing Sing So is one of them, I forgot the name of the others.

 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Sparks Hotel, M n’ B (Music and Bar)
(Jalan Mangga Besar)
The only place in Jakarta that have strippers.(update 02/02/08: also in Ds, and Club 36 now).
(Kemang, near the McDonald’s)
Cheap outdoor beer garden. Very popular, especially with the expat kids. Has shisha.
Sri Dewi
(Ancol, 300 meters before Hotel Alexis)
Very big dangdut place in Ancol.
Stadium (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Jalan Hayam Wuruk)
Best disco in Jakarta for me, extremely crowded on week-ends and for special events. It has four flours, each supposedly with different themes but it’s mainly techno played there. It is dark, big and possess a unique atmosphere. Drugs, prostitution and other things are easily available. Just ask the waiters.
The owner of Stadium has a few other places, more specifically massage parlours and karaoke, namely Malioboro, Beverly Hills and Sumo.
Stadium%2BDisco Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Park Lane Hotel)
One of the first Salsa bar in Jakarta. Good salsa/latino music live band. The crowd is above 30-something. Some working girls. Not been there in a really long time….
Sun City Luxury Club (One of Blog Jakarta Team Nightlife Favourite’s)
(Jalan Labu, 6th floor of Mall Lindeteves)
The newest club in Kota, very big and luxurious. It’s starting to become really popular. House/progressive music and Live band during the week. Fantastic podium. Many chinese and many ayam. There’s also a spa, a restaurant, a Hotel, a Karaoke, etc… Definitely a place to check !!
(Jl Labu)
Super is super. Live band, hot beer, and massage parlours upstairs.
“You can also sing a bit if you like, encouraged by drunk customers who offer you Guinness and introduce you to girls”.
Sydney 2000
(Hayam Wuruk)
Another huge one-stop entertainment in Kota, with pumping Techno Kota, girls and complete obscurity. Very agressive. It’s a nightmare to get out because the taxis are all crooks. So better you walk your way out until Hayam Wuruk…
(Jalan Cikini Raya)
Japanese Karaoke. Very well decorated, it is really kitsch and funny. The mamasan are a bit pushy though and it can get annoying if you don’t want girls. Huge choice of songs : japanese, western and Indonesians mostly. A bit pricey.
Tiga Kuda
(Hotel Menteng II, Jl Cikini Raya)
Popular bar for middle easterners. Arab music but not only. Lots and lots of girls. The entrance fee is 60,000 rp
Tiga Puluh
(Hotel Le Meridien, Jl Sudirman)
Bar with live band full of old girls, a bit more hip-hop than CJ’s and Bats. The crowd is more older and less funky than those of Bats and Cj’s. Expensive and not really worth it. An old favourite of Jakarta’s nightlife.
Today Country
(Lokasari Plaza)
“The Jakarta Far West. Wood decoration, lots of cows caught by the Buffalo Bills (foreigners). Very loud techno, even at 4 PM on Sunday afternoon. A bit ugly”.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Top Gun
(Blok M)
The most popular bar in Blok M, lots of girls and expats. Dirty podium. Pool table, live music, and always quite lively.
 Nightclubs in Jakarta
Top Ten Singing Hall
(Hayam Wuruk)
Apparently the defecation of the Top One Club in Daan Mogot. There is a large room with a live band playing Indonesian favorites, many girls.

(Jl Gadja Madah, 500 meters before Gadja Madah Plaza)
The bar is quite fun, a bit like the Play in Hotel Alexis. Sexy dancers and Live Band. A little bit too dark maybe.

 Nightclubs in Jakarta
(Hotel Red Top)
Bar with live music and DJ on week-ends.
Velvet means purple
 Nightclubs in Jakarta

(Plaza Semanggi, 17th Floor)
Vertigo for Techno music, X-Lounge for RnB/Hip Hop. Used to be very hip but it has now lost some of its appeal compared to X2 /Blowfish/Dragonfly.

(Plaza Senayan)
The BIG club in south Jakarta. Amazing that despites the size and the price (around Rp. 100,000), it always manages to be completely packed. 3 rooms, RnB, House/Progressive/Techno and Lounge. Hosts International DJ’s sometimes (recently Gabriel & Dresden, Benny Benassy and on November 16th, Above and Beyond).
benny%2Bbenassi%2Bjakarta Nightclubs in Jakarta
Zen Club
(Jl Thamrin)
Unofficial bordello. Expensive karaoke/spa for rich Indonesians/Chinese and discreet Expats. Entrance fee is 75,000 min. Amazing looking girls though. Sexy dancers, maybe topless, Classy enough to bring clients (if you work in oil).

Conclusion: Jakarta Nightlife: The Best Nightlife in Asia

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